5A virgin remy will look and brazilian curly hair truly feel such as higher grades and it's going to last as many as a year in case you care for it. I'd a client a few years ago that wanted her sew-in redone every single two weeks with 6A hair no matter what. Hey, it had been her money.You'll want to also spend attention on the weight. A Whole bundle of hair should really be 100 grams (or 3.52 ounces if you're a non-metric technique man or woman like me lol) and it takes 3 bundles to accomplish the common head (longer lengths or a larger head might call for four bundles). If a seller says that they will offer you a few bundles of hair for an incredibly reduced rate please read the high-quality print and make certain you're acquiring 3 100 gram bundles. Any less and you will close up with half a weave when you are sitting within your beautician's chair. I've sent several a client of mine out of my shop with half of the hairdo while they run and try to seek out enough hair to complete their wished-for look since they got scammed by a website that sold them 50 gram bundles.Yes ladies, size does make a difference in terms of hair extensions. You'll find retailers that may "short" the duration of Indian Hair extensions that they market. They will promote you a 16 inch extension and that extension could actually be only 15 inches or even shorter.