In this article, I'm going to brazilian hair explain what virgin hair is and what remy hair is and give you some pointers on how not to get ripped off by falling for your ridiculously small price tag.Let's get started with virgin hair:Virgin hair is just that, virgin, it means it's got never ever been touched by processing in any way (dye, bleach, curled, ironed... anything). If hair is virgin that means the man or woman who donated (or sold) their hair towards the extension maker under no circumstances did any processing for their hair in any way as well as the company that harvested the hair and manufactured it right into a weft didn't process it in any way both. BTW - Washing would not count as processing, please wash your hair regularly.Bottom Line: In case the hair you might be seeking to buy has had ANY processing steps carried out to it, chemical or non-chemical, then it truly is not virgin. You should not believe that the hype! (Sorry to the Public Enemy reference lol - but I enjoy P.E.)Remy hair is hair that the extension maker has taken some time and cost to be sure all the roots and ends from the donor hairs that make up the weft are going while in the virgin Peruvian Hair same direction.