The better the quality with the indian hair, the softer it'll be. The texture with the hair is established at the factory and might assortment from straight to wavy to curly.Both human and artificial wigs might be washed. Synthetic hair ought to only be washed in cold water, with goods designed specifically for synthetic fibers, then be allowed to air dry. The wig will retain its fashion.Human hair might be washed in warm or cold water, and you can use any items that you are able to use on your have hair. We recommend employing delicate shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Solutions designed for shade dealt with hair do the job well. Washing the wig will cause it to lose its type and return to its purely natural pattern. To re-style, you will have to blow dry or type with heated tools.Life Span A lot of factors will determine how very long your wig will last - how very long the hair is, how often you use it and under what circumstances, and how you care for it.